Thursday, March 18, 2010

A very temporary back seat

The job search - we know it's never ending, more so than ever in this wonderful job market. But today happens only once a year. A special day.

The search, our jobs, our kids, our plans for today...they must temporarily take a back seat, just for the morning....because, it's upon us. There is no longer any time to procrastinate. The deadline is staring at us all in the face. This is too serious to ignore. I hope you will be strong, have courage, tax your analytical skills...sharpen your pencils (always love the 'throw back' references) and just get it done...and get it done soon folks:

Fill out your ncaa men's basketball brackets and get them into your office pools or online sites!

Pick your underdogs, your cinderalla(s), your favorite uniform colors, silly mascot names (a turtle?), think of schools that happily hover just under the radar (a school named Maryland, as well as some others). Or, make it easy on yourself, and blindly pick Kansas to win it all, surrounded by the other 3 top seeds. It's too easy to pose the question for you about who you think will win it all, so I won't.

Yes, today will be in the 60's in Chicago, and it's only March. However, true to form, and as predicted 3 weeks ago, this weekend we may get snow (it is Chicago, after all). But it's time to break away from all the 'shoulds' for just a short while, consider the injuries, upsets, streaks, bitter rivalries and biases such as, by how much will Notre Dame lose; just how far do I send, gulp, Duke (led by a boy from Northbrook!) in the tournament?
Have fun you all!!

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