Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Part Time + Part Time + Part Time = ?

Dearest Readers -
We made it! The last day of March - Holiday Season has arrived - happy Easter and Pesach to those who celebrate; San Diego's artificially flawless, cloudless, wonderful weather arrives in Chicago (and it's not even a cruel April Fool's Day gag); Only five short days until the SMACK of fastball hitting leather is heard in baseball stadiums across America (I'm long a believer in what Thomas Boswell wrote, "Time begins on Opening Day"); Dreaded Duke is in the Final 4 (yawn), but so is Butler (who?); and for me, the last day of March arrives with yet another part time opportunity plopping onto my plate. I'm thinking it's time I find a much larger plate.

Those still in a job search: keep the U.S. Census in mind - apparently they still need our help. It's some decent money for the short term, it gets you away from your computer, your phone and outdoors, and you're supporting our Constitution - all at the same time! I hope if I knock on your door in the coming weeks wearing my cool Census Worker lanyard, you'll answer it. I took the very easy test over a year ago, was turned down last summer, but got the call today. As I firmly continue to believe and preach: "You never know".

For a very long time I've been a firm nonbeliever in new year's resolutions: the gym gets way too crowded for a month (just for a month, since most resolutions fade by February); often they're alcohol-induced; created by peer pressure; and usually they're not serious, heartfelt, well thought out goals. Not to mention my greatest aversion to them: they're trendy! Nobody ever liked my "resolution" very much, so, I've stopped sharing it.

However, now the very serious, long, marathon-like drama known as the baseball season begins. A season sure to be full of joy, disappointment, ups, downs, records broken, and yes - boredom (for many), and a scandal or two. For me, well, I honestly fully expect my character-building, long suffering and heartache to continue to grow due to my stubborn loyalty and love for my Orioles and Cubs.

So, now that both the first quarter and the winter is over - no more excuses, now would be a great time for us all to set some practical, six month long (or, 162 games long if your brain works like mine) goals. I hope and welcome you sharing these real, achievable, measurable, serious, silly, and perhaps life changing goals in your comments to my blog.

Stay outside if you can, take a longer lunch out there if you're employed, see all the joyous faces! And know that it's the weather, or the holidays, or maybe that baseball hasn't started yet in Chicago!!

I look forward to many comments, followers, and the Final 4!


  1. The Orioles? Oh, dear.

    Good luck, Larry. I think we're seeing metaphorical green shoots as well as literal ones and things are turning around. I hope so.

  2. Larry,

    I love this blog. I think you have a future as a columnist, as well as an exec! And I agree with Eric. I think things are turning around--a little slowly, but definitely a twirl...Amy

  3. Hey Larry, springtime..time for new growth and beginnings. who knows what the new baseball season will bring. Na

  4. All, thanks for the comments!
    Eric....tell me about it. I'm still living off of 1983's champs (and their destruction of the White
    Amy...thanks!! I like the twirl idea, reminds me of lilly's ballet class'll bring another Yankee playoff team, uch.
    Thanks again all!!

  5. Hi Larry! Just found your blog through a LinkedIn Network Update email and I'm glad I did. Your blog is great!

    The job search is frustrating and more so now than ever. I keep hearing that things will improve. When they say that things happen for a reason, I believe it though. I'm spending time with the boys, going back to school myself, and drawing and painting every chance I get. A few years ago, I wouldn't have even thought drawing and painting was my thing. Now I love it.

    Take care!

  6. Tina,
    Thanks for finding the blog, and for your kind comments! From your LinkedIn profile, it looks like you took the Integrated Marketing Certificate program at DePaul that I'm in the middle of completing myself! We should talk about it.
    Thanks again!!