Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Filling Your Calendar

The list of to do's during the job search is bottomless. Trying to fit them all into my small (nonelectric) day planner? Good luck. They call this leather-bound burden "Pocket Sized". Pockets that large simply don't exist. But for me, if it's not committed to paper, it'll never happen. Besides the calls, follow-ups, 1 on 1 meetings, classes, part-time job schedule, more calls, more searches, online applications, there are plenty of networking events to attend.

Here are some upcoming events, not just for those in the job search, that should be very worthwhile attending. On Friday, April 23 is the second Business Networker's Expo & Social Media Fair. See all the details at A very good friend is the co-founder and it takes place in Buffalo Grove at The Arboretum Club from 10 a.m. - 5 p.m. There will be a variety of speakers covering various angles of Social Media. The afternoon's keynote speaker is Emmy Award winning Chicago sportsbroadcaster, Bruce Wolfe. He's also an attorney, video blogger and his presentation should be highly interactive and lively. His sense of humor and take on things is right up my alley, so if you can stomach'll love Bruce.

Another event is the monthly Chicago Booth Marketing Roundtable, usually on a Wednesday night toward the end of the month, at the Gleacher Center (University of Chicago) downtown. It's located between the Tribune and NBC Towers. This month's Roundtable is March 31, and the topic: Seizing the Advantage - Recruiting Marketing Talent in Today's Tough Environment. There will be a panel featuring three executive recruiters who specialize in recruiting marketing professionals. I know two of them and they are excellent. Each month the group is made up of really high quality people, mostly employed, many are connected to the U. of C., but you don't have to be an alum to attend, and best of's free! For more information, go to:

Meanwhile, proving how incredibly tiny this world is. Last week I was sent a job posting for what looks like a great position as a Marketing and Sponsorship Manager. First step: rather than be in the pile of 800 resumes, I try to network my way toward the hiring manager. Yesterday at my part-time job, while chatting with a customer, I quickly learned that she is the person they are replacing! A long story, but just incredible. Chicago - it's so tiny!

This blog puts an abrupt end to the brief sidetrack I allowed to carefully focus on and follow my Terrapins in the ncaa tournament. The pain from the heart-crushing loss (a desperate, long 3- point shot as the final buzzer sounded) is just beginning to numb.

Once again, I hope you get something out of this blog, and hope you sign up to follow me, forward it to those you know that would appreciate it, and please, I look forward to hearing your comments on this two way conversation we're having.

Enjoy the rest of your week, and play your music loud.


  1. So did the customer know she's being replaced?? Love your writing style and the look of the blog, Larry.

  2. Jodi,
    Thanks for your comments (Jodi who???) Yes the customer is a part timer there - apparently it's being "backfilled" to full time, kind of an amazing coincidence.

  3. Thanks for sharing those valuable info and deepen thoughts. I admire your effort to keep encouraging others in job searching. I recommended your blog to my facebook friends already. By the way, this is Diana Dai

  4. Diana,
    Thanks for the recommendation, and hope you follow my blog!