Monday, May 14, 2012

Now, Time For Some News From the Search

And with that hideous, untimely injury...the Chicago Bulls summer begins. After the disappointing Blackhawks playoffs, and then this excruciating's time to forget about all the silliness, and to finally focus on much more important concerns:

OK, it felt good to selfishly work in a mention of my beloved Orioles, who impossibly had the best record in all of baseball when I woke up Sunday morning...(I know, I know, it won't last...)

Those that are job searching (i.e., half of the U.S. it seems), we're all very curious to hear details about if and how your success has changed in the past three months. I'm noticing a new, uninterrupted stream of opportunities and activity since about February or March - are you? Headhunters calling, many friends landing, interviews coming...FINALLY! I'm really curious if others are having more bites as well, tell us about it.

If, like most of us, you experienced the all too common rut, or lag, or stall in your job search...are you still in it, or have you busted out of that rut?  If it's passed - that's great!! Please share with us how you broke out of it. We all can benefit from tricks used from those that have been through it.

On Sunday, there will be an outstanding free networking group, Career Renewal Ministry, that only meets every other month. Their next meeting is in Deerfield, on May 20, a Sunday morning, so no traffic for folks driving up from Chicago. You'll network, see a presentation, and most important: you will be assigned a mentor or advisor. And again, it's free!  Personally, I've had tremendous experiences during my job searches with the mentors with whom I've been paired up. If any of you have been there, please share your experience here.

I found this piece for those of us who have been out of work for more than year. Some of us never expected the search to reach years, let alone months. Share your thoughts; are there good ideas in here? What can you add?

Just last week, while networking at Starbucks, a newly employed person not even three feet from us was kind enough to share a tremendous book that she used and swore by, in her search. I've heard of it, still haven't read it, but it seems you will find it worthwhile: "Guerrilla Marketing For Job Hunters 3.0", by Jay Conrad Levinson. If you're familiar with this book, did you find it useful? Do you have other books you swear by? For me, I still go back to my very dog-eared copy of "101 Answers to the Toughest Interview Questions", by Ron Fry.

My update: I'm seven weeks into a terrific freelance brand manager contract job with a very interesting company called Deltak.
It's a fascinating business, and I'm lucky enough to be working with some fine, very smart, interesting, and wonderful people. With any luck, this will go much longer than three months, keeping my fingers crossed.

Every week I hear more and more stats: when you meet someone, you are judged in the first 2 min. Or, people decide their impression about you in the first 30 seconds.

Now take a look at this short article about the way-too-fast glance taken at your resume: What Recruiters Look At During the 6 Seconds They Spend On Your Resume. So, let's add to our to-do lists: create the 6 second version of our resume, right?

And finally, there is some classy advice in this piece that can help all of us: 9 Things Never to Say to Your Boss. Thoughts? What have you said that you lived to regret?
Mother's Day....what did you do for your mom?  True, in one of Woody Allen's films, he once said "You only have  one mother......thank god".  Sometimes, this is so true, but seriously...whatever friction you might have experienced...before it's too late, do something outstanding for her, today, and many days, and much sooner rather than later! Don't wait. Call her, soon, and often! She's worth it, no matter what.

thanks for reading,