Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Apparently, STOP means...Stop!

It's true, working on this post began in Traffic School, late last night. I know that each and every nugget we were taught was so timely, important, and demanded my full attention. But I still remember most of what I learned as a sixteen year old (100 years ago) concerning the Rules of the Road. If I didn't start writing this, I'd have fallen into a deep sleep in class. You laugh? Ok, how many feet before an intersection in an urban area must you signal a turn? Hmm? Yes - I did remember! Do you?

"You're overqualified for this position". I'm guessing many of you may have heard this too. How do you handle that challenge? Please share it with us. I have an answer, which must be said a certain way, so as not to be misconstrued. But first, what ideas can you share with us? I've been warned that I'll be thrown this roadblock for an upcoming interview next week...and I'm ready for it. How would you dismiss this concern? For one point of view, click HERE.

And from the Ladders, read this article for another thought on how to handle this challenge.

What about your new, never before tried tactics, tools, techniques that you've begun utilizing in your job search. Tell us some of these new ideas that you never used before, perhaps not even a few months ago? I'm constantly preaching network, network, network. What else are you doing? Me: I've begun another tactic to pile on top of all the networking I've done and will continue to do. How about you? What have others used? This article HERE offers some ideas to consider.

If you've read this blog before today, you know that I'm all about networking: I preach it, trust it, believe it. And, it has and continues to bring me amazing results. But it's so important to
remember that it's not a one way street. This was forwarded to me and I think it's a great reminder of perhaps a new way of thinking for some people. Tell us what you think of this article.
Are you using social media more than in the past? Twitter, Linkedin, e-newsletters, blogs? How have you been using them? Who do you follow?

What blogs have you found that have helped you in your job search? Of course I hope this is one of them, but we are all curious what other sources have provided you with great ideas, tips and encouragement?
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Hoping there was a nugget that you found useful in this post. And I'm looking forward to your thoughts, comments, disagreements,
thanks for reading,


  1. Great post Larry-thank you! I'm really looking forward to this weekend's retreats at Flourish-they will be amazing!!

  2. Larry,

    I enjoyed the post. I must admit to not having an answer to the question - I remember having "You're overqualified for this position" thrown at me for one of the first jobs I applied for, and did not have a good response. Needless to say, I did not get that job.

    The cocky part of me thinks the best response is "so when do I start?" - but that is a risky approach.

  3. Diana,

    Thanks for reading, and I look forward to hearing about the successful retreats!

  4. James,

    Thanks for your comment. I know several people who would have your same cocky reaction, and for them, and for you, I'm sure that would work! Well, my interview facing this issue happens on Tuesday morning, we'll see how it goes.