Thursday, April 28, 2011

Three Weeks Down..How Many More To Go?

Why the Royal wedding shot? Well....why not? On to other matters.

I’ve heard the voices of some readers, which sound something along the lines of “Larry, are you EVER going to write another blog post?!” Being a positive person, I take it as such a nice compliment! They miss my writing as well as my thoughts, information, and ideas that I share here. Certainly they’re not complaining. Well, new business cards for this last search have been ordered. Included on these cards will be my Twitter account
as well as this blog site. The pressure to post more regularly is on! I plan on being here often, and hope you will be too!

My three month marketing contract with Walgreens ended earlier this month. What a great group of people I got to work with in their infusion and respiratory care marketing area! More people need to know that Walgreens has over 100 facilities across the nation staffed with expert nurses for these patients. First on my long, never-ending, to do list: getting myself right back into that great company.

As always, we all want to know how others are doing. How have your job searches changed this year? Have the number of bites you get increased? Are you getting more interviews? More calls from headhunters?
I'm very interested in knowing
how it's going for you and your friends.
Since that contract ended, these first three weeks of my last search have been much more active for me than any three weeks in the last two years! Timing? Luck? Networking? Not sure.
Have you considered changing your job searching strategy? Are you thinking of changing industries, careers, going back for school or training? Share it here, we’re really interested in how your approach has changed.

I’ve always thought that during the job search, I go wherever I need to go to meet the right people, to network, to interview. Whether it’s by car, train, or bus. To me, transportation is a necessary evil that one can’t worry about during the search. And then…the price at the pump hit $4.00!! What!?? How high do you think It’ll go? As always, the economists are predicting everything you can think of. Have your driving habits changed? Will they? Are you budgeting
differently now?

Tell us what you do to relieve the insane stress of the search. Walking? Yoga? Swimming? Tennis? Cooking, gardening, eating, drinking? We all have something to learn from how others effectively deal with the madness. For me…it's many things including: spending lots of time with my daughter; running; reading; movies; seeing friends; and always always…plenty of chocolate!

You’ve reached the end of this brief post. The wait for the next one will be short. In the meantime, if you haven't already, please go back and comment on some of the questions posed. I promise you that we all can benefit and are interested in what you share.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Dear, "843541c....",
    Thanks! Who are you???

  2. Dina (Smith) TostrudMay 3, 2011 at 7:32 AM

    Great blog! :) In answer to some of your questions, job searching is not going well. I have applied for many positions, get interviews, but they either say I'm over qualified or they hire someone within the company. It's frustrating but I keep plugging along in hopes that something will come along soon. My way of dealing with stress varies; long walks, working on organizing things in my house, getting items for donations together, cooking/baking, doing things with my daughter. Of course the occassional glass of wine helps too! LOL
    Hope you and your family are doing well!

  3. Great Writing Larry! MAybe you need to think about changing your strategy and look for writing gigs- You have a wonderful style -

  4. Larry,
    Another really good piece of work. Interesting thoughts, good questions.

  5. Thank you so much for the comments folks! A couple questions from me to you:

    AMY: I appreciate it! I know that this blog is sent to at least three different Amy's, so I wonder which one you are!?

    ANONYMOUS: I wish I knew who you are, and really appreciate your encouragement - please feel free to contact me to discuss further!

    DINA: Happy to connect, and network with you and help however I can..get in touch with me please and yes, thank god for our daughters!!